returning to life is peace


“returning to Life is peace”

I fell in love with that line.
It was at a poetry workshop in Edinburgh,
and it fell from the pen of a gentle poet
named Ian.  Thank you Ian.


“returning to Life” …
Life re-turns to Life
the way a sunflower
turns its face to the sun


but to say returning to Life is something good to do
in order to be at peace,
is to foster the illusion of an entity separate
from Life, and to keep peace at arm’s length


Presence returns to the present
Awareness is consummated by this simple
embrace: Beloved!


Life re-turns to Life
and ITs blessing is peace



2 thoughts on “returning to life is peace

  1. When Awareness recognizes the Life that It Is, Peace is there…
    Peace is always there – isn’t She… 🙂 Lovingly there…. Thankfully always…Peace… Love-C

    1. Yes dearest Christine, always there, on the other side of the commentary about how it all ‘should be’ … Beautiful.
      Love – Peace – Joy
      ~ ml

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