you want peace?


elongated diamonds of trembling light creep towards my flannel-covered feather duvet. the rising sun has left the lillypilly and soars into open cerulean sky.  a golden finger blesses the ballerina blooms on the cactus, another steals into the little enclosed garden and greets the pond, the tiny ferns and mosses, bestowing enough luminescence to last the day.

peace is not a prospect.  it’s the Presence presenting ITself in this now-moment that has no past or future.  you want peace?  just stop seeking it.  just fall into this Presence, this Beloved, that shines forth from every small corner of the world that you create with your blessed unlit light, with your own vast Viewing.


2 thoughts on “you want peace?

  1. Dearest blessed unlit & utterly Luminous Miriam Louisa…thank you for this delicate and delightful description of indescribable Peace.
    XOXO ❤

    1. and thanks be to you dearest Leslie for reading and receiving and expressing …
      in this luscious love
      ~ ml

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