the gift of grace


the ‘perfection’ of the universe is
nothing more than a concept about
that which is totally beyond

the concept demands that all be
goodness and kindness and
sweetness and light;

it excludes the inevitability of opposites

Grace, as a concept, suffers the same

but perfection is exactly this-as-it-is
all of it: the good the bad and the ugly

and Grace is the gift
of knowing and flowing
as this ultimate perfection


3 thoughts on “the gift of grace

  1. Or, as Robert Adams put it, All is well and unfolding as it should.

    Would this be an intermediate degree of understanding, between the empirical world with the experience of its polarities and the fathomlessness of ultimate reality, its silence and empty fullness? In this second level, polarities are transcended and everyone will be delivered.

    1. Perhaps. Degrees and levels and transcendence and deliverance are fun concepts for the mind. But Grace and the Perfection of just-this are unfathomable by the mind … Knowingness and the knower and the known are inseparable.
      ~ m

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