noumenal nonsense


Wei Wu Wei speaks of noumenality
as “the presence of the absence of phenomena”

the words are precise, the meaning unambiguous
but how can it be said more simply?

tick-tock mind comes up with a suggestion-of-sorts:


where O
is pregnant emptiness
or the moon
or a riceball

and nth
stands for ‘now! this! here!’
or the furthest degree
of experience-ability and

and me
is an idea become belief

subtract the belief from the field of experiencing
and what’s left?

simply put – by another big W
that of which we cannot speak”

yet that which we
know to be ‘I’



2 thoughts on “noumenal nonsense

  1. Genial! “that of which we cannot speak… thereby we remain silent” (Wittgenstein).
    It can be said, though, more simply, even if less imaginatively:(second verse): “the absence of phenomena”. That is why you say, I think, “noumenal nonsense”. Did the first W say it on purpose, humorously? He is said to have been rather eccentric… all said, did he not go much further in understanding than the 2nd W?

    1. WWW said/wrote it very seriously. He was indeed an eccentric and his languaging was opaque, but his clarity was unquestionable. The quote comes from his book “Open Secret” – highly recommended!
      I don’t know enough about Wittgenstein to comment on the depth of his understanding, but I do bow deeply to WWW for his part in knocking the bottom out of my own bucket of beliefs.
      The “nonsense” bit refers to my fun with equations and moons and rice balls …
      ~ m

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