2 thoughts on “nothing happened yet everything changed

  1. ‘Life is a dream’ – a dream upon a dream (the dream of being, existence). To see that is to awake.

    ’tis true, therefore let us restrain
    this savage, wild condition,
    this fury and ambition,
    lest we fall upon some dream;

    which surely will have to be,
    for in this peculiar world
    to live and to dream are one.
    Dreams the king, and believing
    he’s king – in body and crown – ,
    governs, commands and decrees…

    What is life but such a frenzy,
    what is life but an illusion,
    a moving shadow, a fiction?

    The greatest good is but little,
    for all of life is a dream
    and dreams are nothing but dreams.
    (from ‘La Vida es sueño’, by Calderón de la Barca – my own translation)

    1. “to live and to dream are one” – and this is wondrous indeed.
      Thank you for introducing me to this poem and poet, Alberto. It could almost be Shakespeare!
      ~ miriam

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