6 thoughts on “why did no one tell me it was this simple?

  1. Dearest Leslie and Christine – I was reading your comments (XXandthanX) and suddenly remembered this poem of Hafiz’s … I’m sure you know it already, but it’s always worth another caress of the eyes and heart. With love ~ ml

    Just sit there right now.
    Don’t do a thing.
    Just rest.

    For your separation from God
    is the hardest work in this world.

    Let me bring your trays of food
    and something that you like to drink.

    You can use my soft words
    as a cushion for your head.

    ~ Hafiz

    1. Dearest Miriam L – Tears flow…. Deep gratitude for *seeing* what this Heart needs… This will go on refrigerator to nourish my Heart. You have my Heart always – Much love, C

      1. The miracle of sweet serendipity – otherwise known as Grace.
        I am grateful for your sharing dearest C
        Love always
        ~ ml

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