blooming and bobbing the beloved’s beingness


each little diamond in the diagonal trellis
is a window onto a world
made luminous by the rising sun

tiny framed vignettes –
each one a perfectly composed fragment
of the hologram of the Whole

eye lovingly lingers on one composition:
a gerbera bloom, turned to greet the sun,
its petals of iridescent coral reaching,
opening, adoring the light

yes! yes! it nods
and I notice my head is bobbing too:
blooming and bobbing the Beloved’s beingness


2 thoughts on “blooming and bobbing the beloved’s beingness

    1. Thank you for your comment dear Darla – I liked that phrase too – isn’t it sweet when words line themselves up so economically, yet meaningfully and even with a nice ‘ring’?
      Love and 🙂
      ~ miriam

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