the you-ing of the universe


That, which lives this body-brain
That, which breathes this breath
That, which beats this heart
grows these fingernails
orders these hormones
divides these cells
grays this hair
senses the sensuous
perceives the perceived
thinks these thoughts…

That, is Life’s unimaginable play:
it’s the dance of Shiva
it’s the shakti of Amma
it’s the poet’s Beloved
it’s the intimate Presence
of undivided Experiencing
timelessly and ubiquitously
YOU-ing the universe


4 thoughts on “the you-ing of the universe

    1. Thank you dear Alberto – it astonished me too. Gratitude for your feedback! It’s very odd, but I have never thought of these notes as poems … until they were blogged and people referred to them as such. I guess poems for me were always very crafted pieces with rhymes and so on. These notes just get scribbled as they pass on through … wondrous!
      Love, m

  1. Deep sigh of relief in reading this… This is what soothes and feeds this body-mind, this heart. The poet’s Beloved… The intimate Presence… undivided experiencing.” Beautiful words that “I” needed to hear – thank you Beloved:)

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