the delight of a ‘be’ set free


what if the little verb ‘to be’
woke up one fine morning
and realized that it was a homeless orphan?
what if its job description had been
modified overnight without consultation?
what if it was now relieved from its
personal applications, redundant,
only useful as a conventional
figure of speech?

no one to be asleep
no one to be wakened
no world to be an illusion
no void to be empty
no emptiness to be filled
no form to be found
no happiness to be chased
no suffering to be escaped
no purpose to be discovered
no meaning to be understood

what a shock that would be for a very busy ‘be’
after a lifetime of endlessly and earnestly
running around doing its determined duties
and always avoiding that inevitable destiny
of coming to a halt and remembering
how to simply be

recovery would take a while
but it too would come to pass as effortlessly
as bloom those flowers
that neither spin nor sew


oh the delight of a ‘be’ set free!


6 thoughts on “the delight of a ‘be’ set free

    YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!
    I’m starting to pray, right now, that that ‘be’. 🙂
    oh the delight of a ‘be’ set free!

    1. In less than an instant dearest Leslie – nullified as a solid-state entity, that is. The usefulness of the concept lives on however, only now it’s serving Life’s agenda, not building and maintaining and defending one of its own…
      Sweet, eh?
      xoxo ~ m

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