tripping in the cerebral spaceship


giggles this morning

the entertainment?
a dear wee ‘me’ cut-out
sitting in the little lifeboat
christened ‘miriam’
each stroke of the oars a

pouring green tea into a cup (Kyoto and Edinburgh) scratching left armpit midges and mites and mozzies (The English Lakes and tropical Queensland) melting into coral-washed clouds (India, Kenya, France, Italy…)

around the world, faster than light
in the shimmering luminosity
of a cerebral spaceship

yet no muscle moves
and nothing affects
this oceanic stillness


3 thoughts on “tripping in the cerebral spaceship

  1. And so it is! Beautiful imagery! – “each stroke of the oars a thought splash” And a wonderful reminder for this wee-me that no event can disturb this “oceanic stillness.” Yes, “I” knows this – See, the Light does get through here 🙂 With gratitude for the words that come through – Love, Christine

  2. Isn’t that the knockout? That no experience of ANY kind – sublime or horrific – can disturb the pure Peace that you are. That’s my idea of heaven – except it’s not an idea, it’s real! 🙂
    Blessings and love and gratitude to you always, dearest Christine
    ~ miriam

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