IT, again


more ‘IT’ musings this morning – such a rich little word!


apperception of IT
cancels the ‘I’
that you took yourself to be
with one small stroke

now that ‘I’ looks like a ‘T’

so, the I and the T come together: IT
and that’s exactly what we be!

this is the meaning of the cross of cruci-fiction:
no further personal fiction

only IT: now, just this, and right here


6 thoughts on “IT, again

  1. Simply exquisite, dearest Miriam Louisa! Gorgeous, my beloved friend!
    All Love, hugs and kisses to you, and thought of you with the aftershocks last night.
    Eternally, your sis Maren xxx

    1. Thinking of you too, dearest Maren, with all that snow and ice around! We didn’t feel the aftershocks up this way, but oh so awful for those folk in Christchurch!
      Thank you so much for leaving your beautiful comment, and for the link love …
      In IT, as IT 🙂
      ~ ml xxx

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