don’t believe me for one minute


this is what I found out, not from a book or a teacher,
but from looking at life without looking for a way out:

the root of all evil and of all tragedy and of all pain
is the belief in a solid, separate ‘me’

in victims and victimizers;

what happens should not happen;

there is a ‘me’ to suffer;

that a way must be found to avoid such suffering

the extent to which this might seem callous and cold
is the extent of one’s addiction to belief in
self as somethinganything

but please, don’t believe me for one minute

find out for yourself


4 thoughts on “don’t believe me for one minute

  1. Beautifully stated…”that believes a way must be found to avoid suffering”…you are so right…suffering happens, joy happens, compassion happens, anger happens…it is trying to shut down our feelings, our thoughts…judging them…or acting out without witnessing and learning from our awareness that we create deeper suffering.

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