beingness remains silent and ineffable


A concept of a self is necessary for function/interaction/communication with ‘things,’ including people that appear to be separate from that self.  It’s impossible to avoid the use of this concept when using language, which is crowded with personal pronouns: I-me-myself-mine …

There’s nothing wrong with any of this, but imagine how amazing it would be to form a way of wordifying the world without dualism’s defaults?  Imagine a language that was made up of vital verbs with little prefixes and suffixes to denote time and space?  I’m not the first to raise this possibility, and I realize that some indigenous languages approach it, but imagine if it was mainstream-speak.  Imagine how neat it would be to utter a phrase of this language and be understood – which would immediately imply a shared view of Beingness.

mind loves to move concepts around
ever building
ever organizing
ever explaining

but Beingness remains silent and ineffable
utterly unaffected by wordifying or worlding
while never for a second separate from them


2 thoughts on “beingness remains silent and ineffable

  1. I have often wondered this too… And I love what you said at the end – “but Beingness remains silent and ineffable, utterly unaffected by wordifying or worlding…” I wonder sometimes what it would feel like to walk the earth in Silence – communicating only in Silence – the “Silver Singing Silence” that you mention so often. What a world that would be to meet everything in deep Silence… Being to Being… ~~~~~~~~

  2. Yes dear Christine –
    My darling mother was completely deaf in both ears and confessed to loving the option of meeting the world “in deep Silence… Being to Being…” It must have been such a sacrifice for her to ‘tune in’ (as she called it) via her two hearing aids … so that we could share words.
    ~ ml

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