song of silence


silver singing silence

punctuated by call of dove
and craw of crow
laughter of jogger and roar of truck

embroidered by pen scribbling
by sun peeking through lillypilly
by flicker of shadows on brick

felt by this throbbing body’s beat-land

known by this unlit Light as its Beingness
brought to Awareness


silver singing silence


4 thoughts on “song of silence

  1. beautiful….I am longing for silence in this moment…a good time to close the lid of my computer and my eyes and sit and go in for a while, as the house quiet down a bit.

    So happy to have found your blog today 🙂

    1. Welcome dear Laura! There’s plenty of room for us all in this spacious silence…nowhere else to go, actually…
      Thanks for leaving your note 🙂
      ~ miriam louisa

    1. … makes no difference really, Mark. It’s inescapable, the silence referred to in this little echo. Just so happens that scribbler is an early bird.

      I love the way your comments are giving me the opportunity to revisit these long-ago echoes. A little bow of gratitude to Emptiness, thinly disguised as m lewis redford!

      ~ ml

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