one day the ‘with’ disappeared


it was rather auspicious:

on the eve of a new year, while holed-up
at a Tibetan Buddhist Monastery

was brought to her knees
crippled, dis-abled, humbled

the scene was set:

she could only sit
and sit, and sit and sit

with now, with this, with here

and one day the ‘with’ disappeared


4 thoughts on “one day the ‘with’ disappeared

  1. the ‘with’ disappeared – very good; but, I’m dying to know, what knee-capped you, was it just being in the isolated monastery; after the ‘with’ disappeared, were you wholed-up?

    1. OK, story time: 30 years earlier there had been an accident in Greece. Right leg was severed below the knee and stitched back together again. Knee was plaster-bound for a year; atrophied. Yoga got me walking again, but knee was a bomb waiting to explode. The rocky steps at the monastery … boom.

      It was probably the only way this tear-about woman would stop long enough to … do what was necessary. i.e. sit down, shut up, stay. Looking back I am awed at Life’s choreography. What a set-up!

      Wholed-up? (Love that.) Well, I could say there were/are no longer any loose bits of the old girl crying for attention – or enlightenment.

      1. Thanks for your note M – it all seems like another dream-life now. Yes, technically the leg was severed; there was just a sliver of calf muscle from which, when I initially tried to stand up, the lower leg dangled. Woops!

        It was a long road back to normal mobility, but thanks to the miracles of modern medicine (bone and skin grafts etc) all’s well. Arthritis tickles the wounds a bit as the old girl ages…


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