ditching the death-grip


the grip of the imaginary me-self
is a death-grip

the grip IS the self

when that death-grip relaxed –
relaxed for a millisecond,
just long enough
for a rip in the cocoon to open
there was immediate
of its cause:

the fundamental illusion
in the living of a life
is the unexamined belief
that there is an object
that ‘does’ it …

when there is only a life being lived by Life


5 thoughts on “ditching the death-grip

  1. Dearest ML…The grim gripper is getting to ghostly (tired) to grasp. Thank you for these sweet posts…for these compassionate echoes from the emptiness of Being.
    They feel aimed straight in to this heart…
    XOXO ❤

  2. To the dearest of friends and faithful comment-gifters – Leslie and Christine – I bow deeply. It is to the sincerity of your hearts that these words are offered – from emptiness to emptiness.
    With limitless love –
    ~ ml

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