beyond notions of self and no-self


Apperception that nothing – no-thing – exists in itself, independent of the workings of perception negates all possibility of the objective existence of both things and someone who sees/senses them.

And further, since the workings of perception cannot exist independently of basic Awareness, it’s inescapable that this very Awareness must be the source and the substance of all appearances – all phenomena.

This is the understanding that lies beyond notions of self and no-self.

With this I cannot argue:  everything that can be experienced arises in Awareness.

Can anything other than
be proven to exist?

Experiencing is another word for Awareness.

(but I prefer ‘Awareing’ over ‘Awareness’ because to me
Awareness is dynamic and fluid, even when utterly poised)


4 thoughts on “beyond notions of self and no-self

  1. Beyond gorgeous, dearest Miriam Louisa, thank you so much!
    I am just in awe HOW much your writings resonate here, am presently strongly drawn to Mahayana Buddhism and exactly that aware-ing is felt/known from inside since quite a while and flowed into all the poetry and it’s lovely to see that pure reflection here in your beautiful, lucid words!
    Bowing, your Maren

    1. How wonderful to feel that mutual resonance Maren – thank you for your beautiful feedback.
      Your poetry is the perfect expression of pure Aware-ing; it shines through your words to inspire and bless us all.
      I return your bow, dearest friend –
      ml xx

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