on a summer’s evening in Alicante


the adorables known as my parents celebrate 67 years of marriage today!

she who identified with the idea of ‘daughter’ can no longer find herself in the idea
but nevertheless, daughter-ing happens


later, an image of the old ‘me’ arises, just like in a dream:
a vacuum cleaner, sucking greedily, insatiably
sucking experiences and teachings and philosophies and beliefs into a bursting bag

me, me, mine!

the bag began emptying on a summer’s evening in Alicante,
(full moon rising, magenta bougainvillea against palest indigo sky
the Lover known as Death silently keeping company)
and once underway, reversal was impossible

with the departure of the last dust-balls,
the bag and the vacuum cleaner disappeared

Lover never left


4 thoughts on “on a summer’s evening in Alicante

  1. Dearest Miriam Louisa, this is beyond gorgeous, thanks so much for sharing! Please forgive my recent silence, two dear friends passed and I was just fully focused on being present to that!
    Will be in touch again, love you so, Blessings and Light from your Maren xxx

    1. How beautiful to know you’ve been to visit dear Maren – thank you so much for your comment!

      Condolences dear one on your loss. Being present to it is such perfection – being Presence.

      You are celebrated as being the first person to comment on this new blog!

      In the heartfullness of one sweet love –

      ml xx

  2. Oh, am so, so honoured, dearest Miriam Louisa, your blog is absolutely exquisite! Your every work just blows me out of the water, yes, in the heartfullness of one sweet love, perfect, such divine beauty!
    Warm embrace back, your Maren xxx

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