the palm fronds are trembling


there’s a man’s voice
there’s merry whistling
there’s ceaseless traffic

someone’s coughing
doves are calling
songbirds are singing

there’s a screen door slamming
there’s a white car passing by
there’s a stooped woman, hurrying

the palm fronds are trembling
green tea steams in this raku cup
a fountain pen scribbles

there’s a body beating

there’s the singing silence of this stillness
which is the source and substance of all sound


4 thoughts on “the palm fronds are trembling

    1. Bowing. Thank you dear Amrita. I did a brief experiment with turning off “likes” but was persuaded to include them again…

      I’m touched and grateful to you for digging into the archives and leaving so many loving “likes” – an unexpected delight!

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