immense unfathomable spaciousness


what does surrender mean?

who does it?

and to what?

in the context of these notes, it’s a verb that takes no subject or object
it attempts to describe what ‘happens’ when the self-as-doer-construct dissolves, and the body-mind-being understands that it is purely and simply lived by Life

there’s no one feeling either happy or sad about this
but the sense of spaciousness is immense



4 thoughts on “immense unfathomable spaciousness

  1. Congratulations Mark – or is it Lewis?

    The time appears as it is locally for my admin – and since I’m in Oz it will appear to be later than for you. Great example of time’s illusory nature, eh?

    You take the award you know. I don’t think anyone has explored these posts as extensively as you have. Emptiness will be pleased – I am too!

    I went through a minimalistic stage where I had no *like* button or social media buttons on this blog. Readers complained. I changed settings, but one has to reset the *Like* button manually on each post – I haven’t finished that job as yet. I appreciate your feedback. ~ ml

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