a huge human hoodwink


fictional self hangs on its tailor-made cross

first, self swallowed its own story,
and then it dreamed up the ‘cross’ concept
to hang its guilty suffering self upon
then, of course  it needed to invent
ways out

best way out?

invent a hereafter, with exclusive admission rights
this keeps self in business – selling sure salvation

but this is what I have seen with savage clarity:
the whole ‘solid-state self’ story is a fake,
a huge human hoodwink

no self : no doership
no doership : no suffering
no suffering : no salvation

One thought on “a huge human hoodwink

  1. I must admit, I veered off here: I read ‘fictional self hangs on its tailor-made …’ [hanger] and imagined the self-swallowed fiction to be a beautiful coat – must keep the creases out, no fluff, save it for special occasions, I cannot feel confident unless I wear it, but I don’t want to spoil it, aghh suffering; I’d better keep it in the closet, maybe my Father, the Tailor, can look after it for me … and then I looked again and saw I read it all wrong. Still, envelopping either way

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